Management System Integrations

Integrating with management systems, such as an FMIS, CAFM, CRM, you have one clear overview of all your tasks and any new colleagues that may come onboard can step in straight away. LD can already be integrated in a number of systems, including Planon and Ultimo and many more.

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Why management system integrations?

Clear & easy overview of all Legionella control tasks

Being a facility manager means you have a variety of tasks, that recur in different frequencies; some may have to be performed daily, others may be one-off tasks.

In order to free up headspace, a facility management system is a sensible choice. You may already be using a Computer-Aided Facility Management System (CAFM) or Facility Management Information System (FMIS).

These systems help you manage all your tasks on one central platform. Would it not be ideal to coordinate your legionella control tasks from that same platform? Integrating your system with LegionellaDossier could not be easier. 

What gets integrated?

Prevent the risk of human error or forgotten tasks

By integrating LegionellaDossier into your system, you no longer have to monitor by hand which water outlets have not been used and where flushing is required: all the information you need will appear automatically in your system. You can then easily assign tasks to your colleagues, they will be notified of what they need to do via the app.

This means no double work: LegionellaDossier will keep track of which tasks have been completed, save any temperature measurements and notify of any non-compliances or tasks that have not been carried out. Hereby keeping the risk of human error or forgotten tasks to a minimum.

Legionella non-compliances platform
Legionella control software

Different ways of integrating

Keep data up-to-date - synchronise your systems

There are three ways to integrate LegionellaDossier into your FMIS or CAFM:

Link to location - a link to the LD-environment of your location in your system, so you access all your legionella control tasks with just one click from your own system.

Synchronise actions - an overview of tasks that need to be carried out in LegionellaDossier will appear in your system

Manage activities from within different system - have the option to sync data between your own system and LegionellaDossier, meaning both client and advisor have access to real-time data

It is also possible to integrate LegionellaDossier into a system that manages your company processes (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP) or customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management - CRM).

All Management System integrations

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