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Make use of our Legionella Control Software and offer Duty Holders the best of both worlds - Great services together with great software to stay complaint.

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What's in it for partners?

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Save up to 50% of your risk assessors’ time with our risk assessment software.

legionelladossier app

Access new ways to help your clients automate, digitise and optimise Legionella control.

legionelladossier app

Improve efficiency and lower costs of water treatment works.

Save time on Legionella Risk Assessments

LD-Inspect makes the process up to 50% faster and allows your consultants to complete and generate their L8- and HSG274-compliant risk assessments on-site. This takes out the need for time-consuming paperwork back at the office, allowing consultants to perform more efficiently and streamlining your company’s operations considerably.

LegionellaDossier Control

Work efficiently and reduce costs with Legionella Control Software

LD-Control works in conjunction with a Bluetooth thermometer to ensure correct and accurate temperature readings. You can also perform tasks such as remedial works, tank inspections, TMV servicing, cleaning & disinfection, water samples, and more. It can even automatically check off tasks in your clients' digital logbook, as you complete them. Producing real-time insights and clear, actionable management data.

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We will not compete with partners!


We don't want to get between you and your clients. That's why we choose to only do business through partners, so we remain impartial.

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Your clients? Your own revenue! 


As said before, we won’t interfere with you and your clients, unless of course you need our support. So, when you help clients, you look after your own share of revenue. 

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Questions or issues? 


When you need help, we know you want to speak to someone directly. That’s why our support is always available by phone and email. Also, partner support is 100% free.


Bespoke with your templates and processes


You don’t just want a basic software solution for yourself and your clients. For that reason, our platform is tailored to your needs, assuring you always have the right solution.

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Open-ended partner agreement. No long-term commitment required.


You can take LegionellaDossier for a test-drive. This is an entry point to our Partner agreement and allows you to access and explore a limited amount of enablement, and product content without any risk or cost.

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Connect your favourite tools to LegionellaDossier


Extend the power of LegionellaDossier - easily integrate different CAFMs, IWMs, FMIs and other tools. We are constantly busy developing and integrating more and more systems.

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Experience the benefits yourself!