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What sets us apart?

The end-to-end expert water safety software to help you perform control measures, keep records, fix technical recommendations, and manage all estates within one digital platform.


Of your time saved on performing Legionella Risk Assessments and creating reports.

Access new ways of generating annual recurring revenue by reselling Software.


Client retention when using software to collaborate more closely with clients


Of the members of the LCA (Legionella Control Association) Already use LegionellaDossier.

We are your trusted partner - not your competitor

Make use of our Water Safety Platform and offer Duty Holders the best of both worlds - Great services together with great software to stay complaint.

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Save time on Legionella Risk Assessments

LD-Inspect makes the process up to 50% faster and allows your consultants to complete and generate their L8- and HSG274-compliant risk assessments on-site. This takes out the need for time-consuming paperwork back at the office, allowing consultants to perform more efficiently and streamlining your company’s operations considerably.

Save Time & Reduce Costs With The #1 Water Safety Platform

Our Water Safety Platform works in conjunction with a Bluetooth thermometer to ensure correct and accurate temperature readings. You can also perform tasks such as remedial works, tank inspections, TMV servicing, cleaning & disinfection, water samples, and more. It can even automatically check off tasks in your clients' digital logbook, as you complete them. Producing real-time insights and clear, actionable management data.

Partner Program For Service Providers

The Partner Program is for service providers looking to expand their offerings and build expertise in LegionellaDossier. Whether your expertise is risk assessments, water hygiene, water treatment, remote monitoring or being an authorising engineer—if you want to accelerate, we want to help.

LegionellaDossier Partner Program

Everything You Need in One Platform

Ensure compliance end-to-end. Made for service providers and duty holders.

Asset Registers

Improve asset management with complete asset registers.

Mobile Apps

Use apps to perform tasks and create risk assessments.

Task Scheduler

Assign and schedule all tasks related to water safety.

Job Reports

Generate complete job reports after completing tasks.


Never miss a non-compliance or a task with notifications and alerts.


Get actionable insights into water safety compliance.

Bluetooth Probes

Perform temperature checks with bluetooth thermometers.

IoT Sensors

Automate flushing and temperature checks with monitoring sensors.


Let stakeholders collaborate closely together in one platform.

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