Remote Monitoring Solutions

Automatically perform, record, and store all your flushing tasks and temperature checks. See in real-time where temperature readings are taken and get notified when a non-compliance arises.

Save time and effort with remote sensors

Using our Remote monitoring sensors and software, you can automatically perform, record, and store all your water safety tasks. Our system also updates your logbooks, keeping you fully up-to-date and compliant. You can see in real-time where temperature readings are taken.

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Water Saved
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Reduce Workload
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Non-Compliances Spotted
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Reach Sustainability Goals with Remote Water Safety Tech

Remote monitoring sensors can save up to 150 gallons of water per outlet per year through reduced flushing and automated checks. Sensors can even notify you if assets have been flushed and when a non-compliant temperature is spotted.

Rest assured that all is complete and correct

Remote sensors monitor water usage and record temperatures inside pipes accurately and correctly. Remote sensors also notify the person responsible about any manual tasks they should perform whenever it detects zero usage over a predefined period.

What sets us apart?

The end-to-end expert water safety software to help you perform control measures, keep records, fix technical recommendations, and manage all estates within one digital platform.


Tasks completed by service providers and duty holders to keep water safe


Assets inspected during Legionella risk assessments with our mobile apps


Buildings actively serviced with LegionellaDossiers' software and solutions.


Daily active users using our apps to ensure safe and healthy water for everybody

Never miss a task or non-compliance

Non-compliances often happen when taking temperature readings manually. With remote monitoring sensors, you can set custom alert thresholds and have notifications forwarded automatically to the person responsible. This way they can take immediate action and keep your buildings’ water systems safe.

Legionella Flushing Dashboard

Make Better Decisions Based on More and Better Data

Remote monitoring sensors can help ensure compliance by providing you with accurate and real-time data on the water system, 24/7. Sensors give you 8,640 data points a quarter, whereas traditional monitoring only gives us 1, 3 or 12 data points.

Connect your Favourite Tools to the #1 Water Safety Platform

Everything You Need in One Platform

Ensure compliance end-to-end. Made for service providers and duty holders.

Asset Registers

Improve asset management with complete asset registers.

Mobile Apps

Use apps to perform tasks and create risk assessments.

Task Scheduler

Assign and schedule all tasks related to water safety.

Job Reports

Generate complete job reports after completing tasks.


Never miss a non-compliance or a task with notifications and alerts.


Get actionable insights into water safety compliance.

Bluetooth Probes

Perform temperature checks with bluetooth thermometers.

IoT Sensors

Automate flushing and temperature checks with monitoring sensors.


Let stakeholders collaborate closely together in one platform.

Get Full Control On Water Safety Activities

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