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Water Safety Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Ensure a healthy, safe and compliant environment for guests and staff. Get full control on water safety compliance with and end-to-end expert software.

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Gain Full Control of Water Safety in Your Estates

With our software, you have all the tools needed to manage Legionella risk assessment, monitoring, reporting, and remediation efforts effectively. Our connected platform allows service providers and duty holders in the hospitality industry to collaborate seamlessly.

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Proactive Risk Management and Maintenance

Detect trends and analyse water system performance for early identification of potential issues. This proactive approach enables facility managers to address problems before they escalate, avoiding costly repairs and ensuring continuous safe operation of water systems.

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Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

Water safety software simplifies the process of complying with local and national health regulations. Automated data capture and digital logbooks ensure that all records are up-to-date and easily accessible for inspections, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Automat routine tasks such as temperature checks and flushing to reduce the manual workload for facility managers. This not only frees up staff to focus on other important tasks but also reduces labor costs and minimises the likelihood of human error in record-keeping.

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Reduce Workload - Automate Recurring Tasks

Automate recurring tasks such as flushing and temperature checks and eliminate the need to manually keep records. Use Legionella Risk Assessments as a blueprint for your control scheme and remedial work so data is always up-to-date with the latest changes and can be reviewed more easily and quickly.

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What sets us apart?

The end-to-end expert water safety software to help you perform control measures, keep records, fix technical recommendations, and manage all estates within one digital platform.


Tasks completed by service providers and duty holders to keep water safe


Assets inspected during Legionella risk assessments with our mobile apps


Buildings actively serviced with LegionellaDossiers' software and solutions.


Daily active users using our apps to ensure safe and healthy water for everybody

Everything You Need in One Platform

Ensure compliance end-to-end. Made for service providers and duty holders.

Asset Registers

Improve asset management with complete asset registers.

Mobile Apps

Use apps to perform tasks and create risk assessments.

Task Scheduler

Assign and schedule all tasks related to water safety.

Job Reports

Generate complete job reports after completing tasks.


Never miss a non-compliance or a task with notifications and alerts.


Get actionable insights into water safety compliance.

Bluetooth Probes

Perform temperature checks with bluetooth thermometers.

IoT Sensors

Automate flushing and temperature checks with monitoring sensors.


Let stakeholders collaborate closely together in one platform.

Get Full Control On Water Safety Activities

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