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legionelladossier app

We collaborate with Legionella control service providers and duty-holders to ensure they get peace of mind.

legionelladossier app

Have all legal obligations in one ecosystem where you can perform, manage, track, and analyse all your Legionella compliance & control measures.

legionelladossier app

We offer an all-in-one digital logbook for all your buildings, to help you maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully compliant.


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Work efficiently, get a hold on legionella control measures

Perform tasks simply and quickly, with an App and Bluetooth thermometer, ensuring accurate readings. Data is recorded automatically and stored in a digital logbook. Get smart dashboards that give insights into your compliance status.

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Reduce Admin time, digitise your Risk Assessments

Turn risk assessments into live documents and make them the blueprint of your control scheme. Complete and compliant reports, according to HSG, L8, and LCA guidelines. All at the touch of a button.


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Get better insights, automate monitoring with remote sensors

Save up to 80% of your time and water. Automatically perform temperature checks, spot unused outlets and non-compliances, and keep records in a digital logbook. Ensure safe & compliant buildings with remote monitoring sensors.

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LegionellaDossier Control

Get insights in compliance data

Use reliable data across systems in real-time. Dashboards give you insights into non-compliances, sampling, temperature checks and more. LegionellaDossiers' dataset gives you full context on your compliance status.

What our partners say

Carl Ollerton

GMS Services

Carl Ollerton

With LD everything can be done on-site directly, without having to download or tag photos. Once you get the hang of it, it saves a lot of time.

Safesol Vicky Morrison


Vicky Morrison

I have found this system great to use. Much more user-friendly than others that I've worked with. The system is clear and gives great insights. 

Cleartech Group Liam Dolan

Cleartech Group

Liam Dolan

This new and innovative software has changed the way our team carries out Risk Assessments and we can't wait to share it with our clients.

Our compelling solutions

LD-Control is one part of LegionellaDossier's platform, ensuring safety and compliance for organisations. Each product is a powerful solution on its own, and together they work even better.