The No. 1 Legionella control platform is coming to the UK from across the North Sea

Keep your buildings safe and compliant with our risk assessment software, digital logbook and IoT sensors

Don’t miss out on the benefits we’re offering the first LCA and UKAS members to partner with LegionellaDossier in the UK ahead of our official launch.

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What’s in it for you?

  • We work exclusively with specialist Legionella control companies, like yours – helping you provide the peace of mind your clients are looking for.
  • It’s with good reason that over 70% of certified Legionella control companies in the Netherlands are already using the LegionellaDossier platform.
  • Your fellow specialists in the Netherlands take over 10,000 control readings in over 4,000 buildings every single day using our software.


What's in it for your client?

Let them take control today – the all‑in‑one Legionella control solution

Everything they could possibly need for all their buildings in one place – risk assessments, documentation, controls – you name it!

  • help them comply with L8 and HSG274 requirements
  • keep their documentation securely archived
    (for longer than the mandatory 5 years even)
  • provide them with real-time insights
  • let them get in touch with you swiftly and seamlessly.
  • allow them to pay per building, not per user

Save time taking Legionella control readings

Keep all your documents, schematics and certificates up to date and in one central location.

  • eliminate the hassle of hard copy logbooks for evermore
  • provide clear, concise instructions for taking readings
  • use our app in conjunction with a Bluetooth thermometer to ensure you take correct and accurate readings
  • save up to 75% of the time to flush pipes and take temperature readings
  • check off tasks automatically in your digital logbook as you complete them
  • provide duty holders real-time insights and clear, actionable management data

Save time with our risk assessment software

Perform your risk assessments faster and generate your on-site risk assessment with a tap of the screen.

  • save up to 50% or even 70% of the time it takes to perform a risk assessment
  • update, edit and sync your risk assessment – any time, any place, anywhere
  • compile digital logbooks automatically using your risk assessment as a blueprint
So, don’t miss out on becoming one of the
first LegionellaDossier partners or resellers in the UK!

Eliminate manual temperature readings entirely with our wireless IoT sensors

Fed up with monthly temperature checks? No problem! Clip'R eliminates manual temperature checks.

  • never miss a non-compliance
  • check off tasks automatically
  • calibrate Clip'R quickly and easily
  • discover peace of mind – temperature readings fully under control
  • battery life – 3 years

Peace of mind – never forget an important task, ever again

You can’t possibly remember every single Legionella control task you need to perform, however important they may be. That’s why LegionellaDossier remembers them for you and reminds you any time you need to take action.

  • email notifications to you and your client about open tickets
  • automated emails to resolve non-compliances
  • customised notifications for each building
  • push notifications (coming soon!)
E-mail reminder

All your data in a single dashboard

The bigger your client, the more for you to manage. That’s why LegionellaDossier has designed its dashboard to give you whatever level of control you need.

  • view all your buildings in a single, management-level dashboard
  • drill down to analyse any non-compliances across all your buildings
  • zoom in on an individual building ahead of your next visit