Stop wasting time on admin and repetitive tasks

Perform control measures, keep records, fix technical recommendations, and manage all estates within one digital ecosystem.


legionelladossier app

Temperature checks

Take correct, accurate temperature reading with the integrated Bluetooth themometers

legionelladossier app

Job reports

Automatically download complete job reports after you've done your tasks on-site.

legionelladossier app

Dashboarding & trend analysis

Our smart dashboards keep you fully up to date. Zoom in on management data and detect

legionelladossier app

Notifications & Reminders

Reminders make sure you never miss a task and the system prompts the responsible person if a non-compliance arises.

legionelladossier app

User settings & management

Add unlimited users to the system. Work together with contractors and colleagues in one overarching system.

Make it quicker and easier for everyone

Perform tasks in a simpler and quicker manner with an App and Bluetooth thermometer, ensuring correct accurate readings. Data is automatically recorded and stored in a digital logbook - Get dashboards that give insights into your compliance status.


Automated notifications & reminders

Notifications and reminders ensure staff never miss a task. Nonetheless, we’ve put fallbacks in place in case they do, for example by reassigning tasks to other available staff members. Our system also prompts the person responsible to take action if non-compliances arise or a user enters a request for action.


Buildings actively managed


Active users


Tasks completed

Scan QR codes for easier identification

Scan QR codes or barcodes on assets and directly identify if you're at the correct asset. Perform tasks directly after scanning, ensuring correct control measures are performed at the right asset.

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Collaborate closely with service providers

Add Legionella control service providers to your estates so you can collaborate better on projects. Perform, record and manage their tasks such as risk assessments, sampling, cold water storage tanks inspections and more

Dashboards give you real-time insights

Our smart dashboards keep you fully up-to-date, displaying tasks completed, active non-compliances and much, much more. They also allow you to zoom in on management data, detect trends and improve your Legionella control & prevention measures.

Download the info sheet on digitising Legionella Control

Legionella control doesn't have to be complex, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, such as temperature checks.

Manage buildings, maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining compliant.

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