What is Connected Assessment & Control?

A smarter future for water safety

Connected Assessment & Control is our end-to-end platform that helps to ensure compliance by connecting all stakeholders in the complete water safety industry in 1 integrated and collaborative platform.

Ensure compliance by automating water safety processes and eliminating the likelihood of errors.

Connected Assessment & Control

The biggest challenges with Risk Assessments

Traditionally, risk assessments are made with pen, paper and the knowledge of the assessor. To get a clear picture of the layout of a building and all possible risks, the risk assessor tends to walk through a building and write down all risk factors and recommendations for how to manage them. He might also want to take a few pictures and temperature checks.

Traditional Risk Assessment Software mostly relies on form builders. You can digitally assess a complete building and often generate a report straight after assessing. This saves you a lot of time, because you don’t have to work out the entire report in the office. After performing the on-site assessment digitally, you can immediately generate a report with all your findings. This way, you can eliminate time-consuming paperwork in the office.

However, there are also limits to this approach. For instance, in many cases the input you give during the assessment stays the same in the risk assessment report, while situations in buildings may change rapidly. There is no automated intelligence interpreting the risks, assets and comments you made.

At the end of the day, digital risk assessments are just as static as paper risk assessments. But what if we could use the risk assessment as a dynamic blueprint for a building? What if maintenance tasks are based on a live platform that automatically adapts them when changes in the risk assessment are made?

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Why traditional water safety management leads to sham safety

It’s the duty holder's responsibility to assure the risks identified in the assessment do not become a threat to people. That’s why it’s important to perform all sorts of water safety tasks at the right time and to keep records of this.

Traditional Water Safety Software usually consists of a list of tasks that is based on the initial risk assessment. The system uses information from the risk assessment to schedule recurring tasks for the responsible person and their water treatment partner. Once these tasks are performed, the logbook is automatically filled in and the associated documents are uploaded. This gives a better overview of the tasks than paper checklists. You can even have real-time insights in water safety.

But what if improvements are made after technical recommendations ? What if pipes are adapted or diverted? What if a new risk assessment or audit is performed? What if people forget to upload documents? Is the data inside your software automatically updated and are you still using the right data?

This can cause some serious issues with keeping your building safe and keeping up with both your maintenance work and water safety. After a certain period of time, the underlying risk assessment will not be relevant anymore and will need to be revised. This operation is prone to error, since it heavily relies on human effort to ensure the right information is passed on to the system on time.

Connected Assessment & Control

Connected Assessment & Control is an end-to-end platform that contains all building data and allows all those involved in water safety to work together in one system that automatically updates the control regime when changes are made in the risk assessment.

The same benefits as traditional software systems plus a connected overarching platform that is both accurate and future-proof, as it gives a live overview of the situation as it is. This minimises human effort and makes compliance with legislation around water safety easier.

Everyone collaborating in one central system also means peace of mind for all responsible persons and a minimum chance of tasks not being carried out.

Everyone benefits from working together in one, easy-to-use system: boring, recurring tasks are reduced to a minimum, while compliance and safety are ensured.

A connected system gives a clear overview of all developments within a building. Thereby, it offers the opportunity to collect data and learn from them, allowing us to adapt measures to reach even higher levels of safety and security.

Being connected through a digital platform makes everyone feel more involved and responsible, which makes the whole water safety process smoother and more satisfying. 

We feel that this way of working provides a new way forward for the water safety industry. This is why Connected Assessment & Control serves as a strong foundation for your flywheel.

The Connected Assessment & Control Flywheel

The flywheel is a visualised model adopted by LegionellaDossier to illustrate the complete water safety industry and how organisations can guarantee safety and compliance with a Connected Assessment & Control Platform.

Anything that slows your flywheel is the handoffs between teams, for instance everyone keeping their own administration and the loss of data because there is no overarching platform where all stakeholders can work together.

So alignment and communication between teams is key to keeping your flywheel spinning.

When your flywheel is based on Connected Assessment & Control, your risk assessor, water hygiene and water treatment service provider and responsible person can add force and eliminate friction throughout the different phases of the flywheel.

Connected Assessment & Control

For example, during the risk assessment phase, the risk assessor will play the biggest role by identifying risks and assessing the risks, but your maintenance team can also add force by solving the technical recommendations, and your water treatment team can immediately start performing water safety tasks.

Once you start using a Connected Assessment & Control Platform, the flywheel will keep spinning automatically. Over time, your flywheel will gain more and more data and get even better control on water safety.

Using a Connected Assessment & Control Platform

As a responsible person, your goal is to guarantee a safe and compliant environment for users of your buildings. You also partner with your risk assessor, water treatment service provider and more teams to keep the flywheel spinning effectively and help the buildings stay safe and compliant.

It's a big responsibility, but the Connected Assessment & Control Platform has you covered.

Connected Assessment & Control
Risk assessment

> Perform assessment
> Generate reports
> Legal frameworks
> Easily updated
> Technical changes

Water Safety

> Water Hygiene
> Remote Monitoring
> Water testing
> Water Treatment
> Dashboard

Keeping Records

> Download logbook
> Automatically saved
> Overview documents
> Always up-to-date
> History

Review & Maintain

> Audits
> Maintenance work
> Approve amendments
> Append changes
> Remedial work

> Risk Assessment

Assess all your assets quickly and easily by answering a series of questions relevant to each asset. Take photos and conduct temperature readings, using your device’s camera and a Bluetooth thermometer.

To save more time, you can also duplicate rooms with just a tap, eliminating repetition and attach photos to systems or outlets for easier identification. After assessing, simply generate your L8- and HSG274-compliant risk assessment report, action plan and logbook.

Whenever you make a change, the system updates and syncs everything for you in a matter of minutes. This eliminates the need for you to amend everything manually and frees you up to carry out other tasks. Find out more about Legionella Risk Assessment Software.

> Water Safety

Schedule and assign tasks to your staff and water hygiene and water treatment service providers so that all stakeholders can work together in one system and all data is always up to date.

Notifications and reminders ensure staff never miss a task. Nonetheless, we’ve also put fallbacks in place in case they do, for example by reassigning tasks to other available staff members.

What’s more, our system automatically prompts you or the person responsible to take action if a non-compliance arises or a user enters a comment or a request for action or follow-up.

Our smart dashboards keep you fully up-to-date, displaying tasks completed, active non-compliances and much, much more. They even allow you to zoom in on management data, detect trends and improve your water safety & legionella control measures. Find our more about our Water Safety Platform.

> Keeping Records

Water safety is a complex field, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks. That’s why we developed an all-in-one digital logbook for all your buildings to help you maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully L8 and HSG274 compliant.

It even checks off tasks automatically in your digital logbook as you complete them, giving duty holders real-time insights and clear, actionable management data.

You can also keep all your documents, schematics and certificates up-to-date in one central location and generate complete logbooks with a click of a button. All records are saved in the cloud, so you can access your documents and logbooks anytime, anywhere.

> Review & Maintain

Are you sure the risk assessment you made last year is still up-to-date? Are all amendments implemented and recorded? No need to worry anymore.

Any time you make a change, our system updates and syncs everything for you in a matter of minutes. Suppose you remove a water outlet. All your logbooks, asset registers and technical recommendations will reflect this change automatically, eliminating the need for you to amend everything manually and freeing you up to do other work


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