Do you struggle with manually performing Legionella control measures?

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Perform, record and store all your Legionella prevention tasks automatically

legionelladossier app

monitor water usage and record temperatures inside pipes 24/7, accurately and correctly

legionelladossier app

Never miss a non-compliance as remote monitoring sensors notify you when they spot one 

Save time and effort with Remote IoT sensors

Using our Remote monitoring sensors and software, you can perform, record and store all your Legionella prevention tasks automatically.

It checks off automated tasks as soon as they’re completed, this way our software not only saves you time, but also gives you peace of mind. Remote IoT sensors have everything under control. Our system also updates your logbooks, keeping you fully up-to-date and compliant. You can see in real-time where pipes have been flushed or temperature readings taken and which tasks have been generated for vacant rooms.

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Legionella remote monitoring sensors data

Rest assured that all is complete and correct

Remote sensors monitor water usage and record temperatures inside pipes accurately and correctly.

This simplifies the tasks of the person responsible for managing your Legionella control processes. Remote IoT sensors also notify the person responsible about any manual tasks they should perform whenever it detects zero usage over a predefined period.

Never miss a non-compliance

Remote IoT sensors monitor and record temperatures without missing a single non-compliance.

Non-compliances often happen when taking temperature readings manually. With remote monitoring sensors, you can set custom alert thresholds and have notifications forwarded automatically to the person responsible. This way they can take immediate action and keep your buildings’ water systems safe. 

remote monitoring sensors

Leaflet: The benefits of becoming a partner of LegionellaDossier

The benefits of using LegionellaDossiers' digital solutions as a Legionella prevention consultancy and why digitising Legionella control is a must for every organisation. 

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"LegionellaDossier is a powerful tool that helps us achieve full control. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. We now have a central overview of all our control activities."


"We used to do everything by hand with a high likelihood of errors. Nowadays, I never flush for longer than necessary, all information is automatically recorded and checklists are automatically generated."


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