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We work exclusively with specialist Legionella control companies – helping duty holders provide the peace of mind they are looking for.


It’s with good reason that over 75% of certified Legionella control companies in the Netherlands are already using the LegionellaDossier platform.


LD-Control is the all-in-one digital logbook for all your buildings to help you maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully L8 and HSG274 compliant

Leaflet: The benefits of becoming a partner of LegionellaDossier

The benefits of using LegionellaDossiers' digital solutions as a Legionella prevention consultancy and why digitising Legionella control is a must for every organisation. 

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Features saving you time

Save time taking temperature readings

Keep all your documents, schemes and certificates up-to-date and in one central location.

receive clear, concise instructions for taking readings
eliminate the hassle of hard copy logbooks
save 75% time on flushing and temperature readings
use a Bluetooth probe to ensure correct readings
check off tasks automatically in your digital logbook

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Get real-time insights with our smart dashboards

Our smart dashboards keep you fully up-to-date about Legionella control

zoom in on management data
view the completion status of all tasks
receive alerts when non-compliances are spotted
detect trends and improve your Legionella control

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Eliminate the hassle of hard copy logbooks

Our offline app provides instructions for performing tasks and works in conjunction with a Bluetooth thermometer.

eliminate the hassle of paper logbooks
receive clear, concise instructions for taking readings
work from every location any time, any place, anywhere
synchronise offline completed tasks when you are online

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Solve monitoring challenges with IoT sensors

Save time and effort with Clip’R sensors and other IoT sensors compatible with LegionellaDossier.

check off tasks automatically after usage is spotted
do fewer flushing and temperature monitoring tasks
get real-time information about the measurements
monitor water usage and temperatures 24/7
never miss a non-compliance

iot senors remote water temperature monitor

Help duty-holders easily take control over Legionella

Make Legionella controle quicker and easier for everyone involved.

clear, concise instructions for taking readings
check off tasks automatically in your digital logbook
put in fallbacks in case staff forget to perform a task
automatically assigns a person to take action
A Bluetooth probe to ensure correct and accurate readings

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Legionelladossier Eurofins
University Tilburg
University of Groningen Legionella Control

Customer stories

Discover the benefits of LegionellaDossier

Careander LegionellaDossier


"LegionellaDossier is a powerful tool that helps us achieve full control. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. We now have a central overview of all our control activities."

University of Groningen LegionellaDossier


"We used to do everything by hand with a high likelihood of errors. Nowadays, I never flush for longer than necessary, all information is automatically recorded and checklists are automatically generated."


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