Healthcare institution Careander

“For us as a health facility, legionella control is of the utmost importance”

– Harry van Wijlandt


Legionella prevention is essential, especially in places where vulnerable people reside. Dutch healthcare organisation, Careander, supports people with special needs to live and work as independently as possible; giving joy and meaning to their days. The facility has 350 residents, as well as 450 people who spend their days at the site, all of varying ages. Careander offers 15 residential buildings and 10 buildings that can be used for daytime activities: workshops, farms and gift shops.  

At the moment, 12 out of 25 buildings use the LegionellaDossier system; an ever increasing number across the last 2 years. Harry van Wijlandt is responsible for the organisation’s buildings and hopes that all the buildings will soon be working with our system. 

Harry: “For us, as a health facility, legionella prevention and control is of the utmost importance. We work with vulnerable people whom we have to protect against legionella at all costs. We go above and beyond to prevent infections. LegionellaDossier is a powerful and handy tool. It shows exactly what you need to do, it’s user-friendly and saves a lot of time. On top of that, we finally have a good overview of how prevention tasks are carried out. We can act faster if there are any non-compliances.”

Healthcare legionella control careander

Less work, fewer worries

Legionella prevention is carried out by four of Careander’s facility managers. They check the buildings and all outlets, such as shower rooms, taps, dishwashers and pre-rinse showers. At the outset, some staff had their doubts, but they have soon been converted.

“They’ve noticed that it takes less effort and they don’t have to worry about things as much as with paper logbooks. For me, it’s a great relief to know that we have everything under control. If any of the planned tasks haven’t been carried out, I immediately get a notification and can get in touch with the person responsible” Harry tells us.

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As clear as can be

A control plan is drawn up for every building. LegionellaDossier turns that into a task list for all outlets. Some need to be flushed every week, some need monthly temperature checks and others are in vacancy mode. 

“It’s as clear as can be, and we don’t have to figure things out ourselves. For me, as the sole responsible person for all buildings, it saves a lot of time and worries. It also saves the facility managers a lot of stress, as they have many other types of tasks to perform on-site, such as checking fire alarms, changing light bulbs and putting up paintings.”

“LegionellaDossier can’t prevent the legionella bacteria from multiplying, but it gives us immediate insight when this happens. In two on our (reasonably new) buildings the amount of legionella has been higher than usual for a while. It’s not catastrophic, but it is a concern. Because we constantly keep an eye on it now, we have noticed that there is a permanent problem. It may be due to the plastic pipes in those buildings. If this problem persists, we’ll have to change them for copper pipes.”


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Our compelling solutions

Legionella Control Software (LD-Control) is one piece of LegionellaDossier’s complete platform for legionella prevention, keeping organisations safe and compliant. Each product is powerful on its own, but they’re better when used together.

Risk Assessment Software


Assess all assets quickly, take photos, duplicate rooms, take temperature readings and generate a complete risk assessment, all on-site.

Legionella Control Software


The all-in-one digital logbook for all buildings to help you maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully L8- and HSG274-compliant

Remote Monitoring Sensors

Smart IoT Sensors

Integrate remote monitoring sensors to LegionellaDossier eliminating manual temperature checks and flushing tasks or use our own smart sensor, Clip’R.