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"We can respond much more rapidly in the event of a non-compliance"

- Harry van Wijlandt

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‘Legionella prevention & control are vital to us as an institution’

Careander provides people with a mental impairment with work and accommodation, as well as meaningful and enjoyable daily activities. Ultimately, the aim is to help them lead an as independent life as possible. To cater to its 350 residents’ needs and organise daytime activities for its 450 clients, Careander runs fifteen residency buildings and ten activity centres, including workshops, farms, and gift shops.

Of these twenty-five locations, twelve use LegionellaDossier. Over a period of two years, one site at a time switched over to using the tool for Legionella prevention and control purposes. Property manager, Harry van Wijlandt, hopes that all Careander sites will be using the tool by the end of 2020.

Harry explains his motivation, ‘Legionella prevention and control are vital to us as an institution. We care for vulnerable people who need protection from Legionella bacteria at all costs. We don’t want to take even the slightest risk where Legionella is concerned. And LegionellaDossier is a powerful tool that helps us achieve this. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. What’s more, we now have a central overview of all our prevention and control activities. And we can respond much more rapidly in the event of a discrepancy.’

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Peace of mind & fewer headaches

Careander has four maintenance workers checking the water supplies in its buildings, including those leased by its housing foundations. Draw-off points include showers, sinks, dishwashers and rinsing areas. Some were sceptical in the beginning but now they’re its biggest fans.

‘They discovered it reduces their workload and causes far fewer headaches than manually updating logbooks. I love the peace of mind it gives me, knowing that we’ve got everything totally under control. If a scheduled task hasn’t been completed, I get a notification and I can alert the technician responsible,’ Harry adds.

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It couldn’t be any simpler

‘We’ve drafted a prevention and control plan for every site. LegionellaDossier converts this into checklists for each draw-off point. For some, this means weekly flushing. For others, monthly temperature readings. And so on and so forth.

It couldn’t be any simpler – we don’t even have to stop and think. It saves me a lot of time and stress as Careander’s sole property manager. And it gives our maintenance technicians far fewer headaches, so they can spend more time hanging up pictures, changing light bulbs, checking fire alarm systems, etc.

LegionellaDossier doesn’t prevent Legionella as such but it gives you incredibly rapid insights should it take hold. At two of our newer locations, readings have been higher than usual for a while now. Not critical but of concern. Because we can monitor the situation constantly, we now know there’s a structural problem. Plastic water pipes are probably causing this. If the problem persists, we’ll have no other choice but to replace them with copper pipes.’


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