New features for LD-Control

Last year, LegionellaDossier launched LD-Inspect on the UK market. This app allowed our partners to conduct legionella risk assessments much more quickly and efficiently. Now, LD-Control for hot and cold water systems is available in the UK as well and is completely compliant with the HSG274. This app will make performing legionella-related control and maintenance tasks both easier and faster. 

As an LD partner, you will get the opportunity to offer your customers the use of LD-Control after carrying out an inspection and drawing up a control plan. This way, prevention tasks can be carried out more efficiently and you have a clear overview of what’s going right and what not and can advise accordingly.

Originally developed in the Netherlands, our app has been adapted to be a perfect fit for our UK partners. We have introduced some features to address some of the issues that are specific to the UK.     

Overview of customer portfolio

As a partner, you have immediate insight in your customer’s building data. This means you can advise directly if tasks aren’t performed or if exceedances occur. You have a live overview of your customer’s activities, so you don’t have to go over and view paper logs to find out what’s happening. 


One of the ways in which we have specifically adapted our product to the UK market, is by introducing a sentinel option. You can select the points closest and furthest away from the water source, so they are added to the flushing list every week. The outlets in between will be added to the list on a rotating basis, so that each outlet is checked at least once a year. 

Thermostatic mixing valves

Our LD Control app now also supports thermostatic mixing valves. This is a feature that has been requested by many of you. With this new functionality, you can set a point temperature for mixed water that cannot be exceeded. This feature will make measuring tasks at TMVs much more easy.


There are many advantages to automating certain recurring tasks. Sensors are a great way to do this: they keep a constant eye on temperatures and can generate extra flushing tasks whenever necessary. Most types of sensors can be integrated with LD-Control. If you don’t have any sensors yet, you can use our very own Clip’R.


The app notices straight away when water reaches a constant temperature. This means you save time and water, as the measurement will stop automatically. You will save many litres of water this way and responsible persons will have more time for their other important tasks. 
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