Why Become a Reseller?

Together, we offer a compelling proposition that raises industry standards
and increases your profits. This partnership provides immediate benefits and longer-term opportunities for growth by sharing knowledge and leads.

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Customer retention with the use of LD-Control Software


Extra annual recurring software revenue + extra's


Less time spent on admin tasks like keeping records

Temp Checker

Get a FREE ETI Bluetooth thermometer

For every 5 LD-Control locations you resell in 2023, you will get a free ETI Bluetooth thermometer from us!

Use LD-Control Completely Free until 2024!

You can use LD-Control completely for free on new locations until the start of 2024. This way you get 100% of the revenue and won't have any risk of getting clients to start digitising.

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Experience the benefits yourself!

LegionellaDossier Control

Convert LD-Inspect sites to LD-Control

With one touch of a button, you can convert LD-Inspect locations to LD-Control. This way the complete control regime is pulled out of the risk assessment and put to use. You and clients can perform tasks digitally so the logbook is always up-to-date.

Better client relations through transparency

The system allows you to work closely with your clients, giving them live access. Our dashboards give your clients peace of mind, knowing everything in their buildings is under control. Clients can actually see the status of each building on the platform. Everything from their risk assessment to the control scheme, the task overview and their complete logbook.

Team and App

Free onboarding, training and support

If you have a client that might be interested in starting with LD-Control we can help you demo the system, make a quote, onboard the sites, train your clients and offer you support throughout the complete journey. You can always rely on our Partner Managers, Customer Success Managers and Support Agents.


Experience the benefits yourself!