Tender care with LegionellaDossier

A tender procedure is a delicate process: you want to convince your customer that you are able to provide professional, safe services. But even if you are the best in your field, proving it can be a challenge. Therefore, if you are bidding in a tender as a partner of LegionellaDossier, we will provide you with all the technical support you need and will even create and hold presentations for you.

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Using and reselling legionella software

Broderick Harper, Business Development Manager at Water & Air, takes part in a lot of tenders. His company has been using and reselling LD legionella software since April 2022. Broderick knows his way around the software quite well now and is enthusiastic about sharing it with his clients: ‘It’s easy to work with and as I work with it, I become aware of more benefits than I knew before, for example, the option to scan and register barcodes on filters. This way, the customer can easily view all information on filters, when they’ve been inspected or changed and by whom.’

Support to win tenders

Contending in tenders is something Broderick does on a regular basis, he is confident about his company and the services they offer and now incorporates the LD legionella software in his tender presentations. He did find that he could use some help with highlighting the advantages of LD in his presentation, that’s why LD stepped in to help. ‘With the LD-software, it’s best to do a live demonstration instead of a PowerPoint. We had not done that before. That’s why Dave from LD stepped in and gave a demo, explaining all the technical features and securities.’

And with success: Water & Air is now among the last few competitors left, where the bidding started with 50 contenders. ‘We do a lot of tenders and I now have the confidence I need to do all the presentations myself,’ Broderick explains. ‘I show the LD Legionella software to many customers as well and they all like what it does. It’s so easy to find information on everything, including water tanks and mixing valves.’

"It’s so easy to find information on everything, including water tanks and mixing valves."

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