Rewatch the webinar

Rewatch the webinar: How to make your legionella control business future-proof

Listen to Nick Barbsy and Louis Gane talk about how to make your legionella control business future-proof. During this interactive online session, you will discover a new and efficient way of working that will change your business for the better.

Nick Barsby LegionellaDossier webinar

In this 50-minute online session
you will discover how you can:


Save 50% of the time and money on your LRA and control processes


Get more scalable through one uniform way of working.


Comply to UK HSG274 requirements
without pen and paper

Faucet LegionellaDossier

Digitise, automate & optimise

Discover how digitisation saves you time on legionella control
and scales your business

Digitisation can make people feel disconnected, just carrying out their own tasks without knowing what their colleagues are up to. However, if it’s done right, digitisation can improve collaboration: by drawing together scattered information and connecting responsible persons to the relevant sources, digital platforms can offer peace of mind.

Rewatch the webinar!

Meet our speakers

We proudly present Nick Barbsy and Louis Gane as the keynote speakers of our webinar on April 26 - 11 am (GMT).

Nick Barbsy has been involved in environmental analysis for over 15 years and is now Chair of the Legionella Control Association. Louis Gane is a Business Development Manager at LegionellaDossier and an expert on digital legionella control solutions. They are happy to answer all your questions during the webinar. For example, many customers wonder: if they can integrate other systems with LD, how much time they can save or if they can be sure to be compliant when using LD. 

Topics that will be covered

During the 50-minute webinar this is what you can expect:

  • An overview of the digitalisation opportunities in the Legionella Control Industry
  • A presentation of the following topics:
    1. How new technologies can save you time and money 
    2. How new technologies help clients become and stay compliant with the HSE guidelines
    3. How you can be one step ahead of increasingly demanding building owners
    4. How you can build a future-proof business for legionella control
  • A live Q&A session with the hosts