Improving efficiency and lowering costs for legionella control

Legionella prevention and control is a complex field, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and extensive tasks, such as cleaning water tanks, water testing, monthly monitoring and many other tasks.

But how can we streamline these processes more efficiently? How can we ensure temperature checks are performed accurately and non-compliances are followed-up correctly? And how do we eliminate paper administration and scattered information?

By connecting staff and responsible persons to the relevant sources, digital platforms can offer peace of mind and save you time and money.

Legionella control flushing temperature check

One platform for Legionella control and water treatment

Just imagine having one platform where you can schedule, perform, register and archive all your Legionella control and water treatment work. Wouldn’t that be great? For every client all tasks are grouped, giving you a clear overview of their complete buildings and compliance. It sounds too good to be true, but fortunately it’s possible!

With our LD-Control platform, you have an all-in-one digital logbook for all your clients’ buildings to maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully L8 and HSG274 compliant. With our app, which works both offline and online, you can perform every task you want, such as monitoring, descaling, disinfecting, TMV testing, remedial work and more.

We’ve invested 5+ years in understanding the businesses of different Legionella control service providers. What we saw was that many faced the same struggles, especially losing time because of inefficient old methods, such as pen and paper and having no peace of mind, because information is scattered over different systems.

We figured out a way to optimise their work processes and to free them up to focus on their strong suit, Legionella control, instead of carrying out administrative work. How did we do it? Just read on…

How digitisation and automation can help you

By automating and digitising many of the labour-intensive work – such as scheduling recurring tasks, working out reports and performing monitoring tasks – we have lightened the workload of our partners up to 50%. We’ve also enabled our partners to earn more annual recurring revenue, by allowing them to sell clients our LD-Control Full version. After all, it’s not for nothing that 75% of all Legionella consultancies in the Netherlands have chosen LegionellaDossier as their trusted partner for digitising and automating Legionella control.

Our offline app eliminates the hassle of hard copy logbooks forever. It works in conjunction with a Bluetooth thermometer to ensure you take correct and accurate readings. You can even keep all your documents, schematics and certificates up to date and in one central location and generate complete logbooks with the click of a button. The app also enables you to work more closely with your clients. On this platform, partners can work together with duty holders, where they are kept up to date of sampling records, monitoring tasks and much more.

Our app even checks off tasks automatically in your digital logbook as you complete them, giving you real-time insights and clear, actionable management data. What’s more, our system automatically prompts you or the person responsible to take action if a non-compliance arises or a user enters a comment or a request for action or follow-up.

With smart dashboards we keep you fully up to date, displaying tasks completed, active non-compliances and more. They even allow you to zoom in on management data, detect trends and improve your Legionella control and prevention measures.

Duty holders can also perform flushing tasks and view the documents you’ve uploaded to the platform, so they can keep all their statutory and mandatory documents in one central place and generate a complete and compliant logbook anytime they want.


Save time and effort with remote monitoring sensors

Using our remote monitoring sensors and software, you can perform, record and store all your Legionella prevention tasks automatically. It checks off automated tasks as soon as they’re completed. This means our software not only saves you time but also gives you peace of mind. Since hardware isn’t our core business we mainly focus on making the best software in the world and because of that, we made sure you can connect every remote sensor in the industry to our platform. This way you can enjoy the benefit of having excellent hardware and software!

How we can help

Are you interested in learning more about LD-Control and the complete LD-Suite we offer? Let’s schedule a demo based on your organisation’s needs, face-to-face, online or on the telephone, whatever’s more convenient for you and let us blow you away with the industry’s most complete solution there is.


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