Mobile Task App for All Water Safety Tasks

Perform all water safety tasks efficiently with our mobile task app. Conduct temperature checks, flushing, sampling, and more, all from your mobile device.


Streamline Water Safety Tasks On-the-Go

Our mobile task app is designed for all types of users to perform a variety of water safety tasks directly from their mobile devices. Whether you need to conduct temperature checks with a Bluetooth thermometer, perform flushing, sampling, TMV servicing, tank inspections, or remedials, our app provides an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Convenience and Mobility at Your Fingertips (Literally)

Manage and perform all your water safety tasks from your mobile device. The app allows you to easily access and update task lists, ensuring that all necessary actions are completed efficiently, regardless of your where you are. You can even work offline in places with bad connection.

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Bluetooth Thermometer Integration

Conduct precise temperature checks using a Bluetooth thermometer. The app seamlessly integrates with the thermometer, allowing you to record and store temperature data in real-time, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Receive real-time updates and notifications about task status. The app alerts you to upcoming tasks, overdue actions, and any non-compliances, helping you stay on top of your responsibilities and ensuring that no task is missed.

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Task Verification with QR Codes

Use QR codes to verify task completion and manage assets efficiently. Scan QR codes on-site to access asset information, perform tasks, and update records, providing an additional layer of accuracy and accountability.

Everything You Need in One Platform

Ensure compliance end-to-end. Made for service providers and duty holders.

Asset Registers

Improve asset management with complete asset registers.

Mobile Apps

Use apps to perform tasks and create risk assessments.

Task Scheduler

Assign and schedule all tasks related to water safety.

Job Reports

Generate complete job reports after completing tasks.


Never miss a non-compliance or a task with notifications and alerts.


Get actionable insights into water safety compliance.

Bluetooth Probes

Perform temperature checks with bluetooth thermometers.

IoT Sensors

Automate flushing and temperature checks with monitoring sensors.


Let stakeholders collaborate closely together in one platform.

Get Full Control On Water Safety Activities

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