Get in Control of Asset Registers — One Source of Truth

Centralise and streamline asset management with our integrated asset register. Track assets with photos and QR codes, import data seamlessly, and access asset insights.

Ensure Data Accuracy with End-to-End Asset Registers

Your asset register is the cornerstone of your risk assessment and control regime. Our software provides a connected system to manage all your assets efficiently. With features like photo documentation, QR code integration, and seamless data import from Excel, you can ensure that your asset data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible. 

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Centralised Asset Management

Our asset register centralises all your asset data, providing a single source of truth for your risk assessment and control processes. By maintaining a comprehensive record of all assets, you can ensure consistency and accuracy across your organisation.

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Enhanced Asset Documentation

Improve asset identification and documentation with integrated photos and QR codes. Each asset can be photographed and tagged with a unique QR code, ensuring easy identification and quick access to detailed information.

Ensure One Source of Truth Across Your Organisation

Easily work together in one platform together with service providers and duty holders to guarantee one way of work and centralised asset management.


Create your asset register from scratch.


Tag assets with QR codes and photos.


Track asset types, performance & usage.


Update new, removed and changed assets.

Comprehensive Dashboard Insights

Gain valuable insights into your asset inventory through our detailed dashboard. Monitor the number of assets, their types, active control measures, and more. This comprehensive view helps you make informed decisions, optimise asset utilization, and enhance your risk management strategies.

Connected Assessment & Control

Integrated Risk Assessment and Control

Our asset register is fully integrated with your risk assessment and control regime. This integration ensures that asset data is consistently applied across all compliance processes, from initial assessment to ongoing monitoring and control. Streamline workflows, reduce duplication of effort, and improve overall compliance management.

Everything You Need in One Platform

Ensure compliance end-to-end. Made for service providers and duty holders.

Asset Registers

Improve asset management with complete asset registers.

Mobile Apps

Use apps to perform tasks and create risk assessments.

Task Scheduler

Assign and schedule all tasks related to water safety.

Job Reports

Generate complete job reports after completing tasks.


Never miss a non-compliance or a task with notifications and alerts.


Get actionable insights into water safety compliance.

Bluetooth Probes

Perform temperature checks with bluetooth thermometers.

IoT Sensors

Automate flushing and temperature checks with monitoring sensors.


Let stakeholders collaborate closely together in one platform.

Get Full Control On Water Safety Activities

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