Theme Park Toverland

"Total peace of mind when it comes to our water supplies'"

- Patrick Peters

Toverland partnership LegionellaDossier

Total peace of mind for a fun day out

Safety is paramount at Toverland Theme Park in the south of the Netherlands. With tens of thousands of visitors every year, the park needs to be 100% certain that its visitors can ride the Troy rollercoaster or fly under the wings of the Fenix in total safety. Equally important are the theme park’s water supplies and attractions, including water from fountains, taps, nebulisers and ponds where children, parents and grandparents drink and play. Toverland has total peace of mind now it’s using LegionellaDossier.

Since its opening in 2001, Toverland has grown considerably to cover some sixty acres. The last major expansion was in 2018. In the run-up to this expansion, it became apparent to the park’s management that Legionella prevention & control would be far too important to leave to a third party. The park needed better insight, clarity, control and efficiency.

Patrick Peters works in Toverland’s technical services department. He recalls the decision-making process, ‘Once we’d made the decision to take responsibility for our own Legionella prevention & control measures, we soon realised that it would be far too complicated to adopt old-fashioned methods such as notepads, stopwatches and thermometers. After all, it was 2017 – there had to be a quicker, more efficient way to get the job done, surely?’

It was then that he stumbled across a newsletter from LegionellaDossier. Shortly thereafter, Patrick was trying out the first Android LD Control app. It gave him immediate peace of mind and a sense of control.

Toverland partnership LegionellaDossier

Reliable & user-friendly

For five days every month, Patrick makes a round of the park to take readings and flush the pipes at the park’s six hundred draw-off points. Every single location and attraction are itemised on his to-do list.

It’s really user-friendly and reliable. The app displays every to-do item, how long to flush pipes and where any non-compliances have been flagged. It makes it so much easier to take action. For instance, we adjusted the thermostat tap on a shower that couldn’t get to 60 °C, even at its hottest. And we replaced a boiler that we noticed was on its last legs because the monthly max. temp. readings were steadily dropping each month. When you can see changes from month to month, it makes a far bigger impact.’

Toverland partnership LegionellaDossier

Automatically saved to the cloud

‘Because we don’t have Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of the park, it’s great that the app also works offline.’

Patrick explains, ‘As soon as I’m back within an area where we’ve got Wi-Fi coverage, I simply refresh my screen, and the app automatically saves everything to the LegionellaDossier cloud. And what’s even better is that once I’m back at my desk all the draw-off points have already been updated in the system. You can see the start and end times, the temperature readings over time, any discrepancies, who took the reading, and so on and so on.’

Twice a year, the app sends a notification for samples to be taken from the water supplies to check for Legionella bacteria.

‘This is a mandatory duty but it’s something I take really seriously, nonetheless. We don’t want to take even the slightest risk where Legionella is concerned. For example, we use nebulisers to create water spray and mist at several locations. Ideal conditions for Legionella to take hold, so we’re ultra-cautious. We ensure the water used in all these installations is 100% safe with Legionella non-return valves, water softeners and special-purpose pumps that demineralise the water. Bacteria-free! There’s no other way because people walk through the mist, and we need to know this won’t make them ill.’

Patrick recalls how he set up LegionellaDossier at Toverland, ‘When we started using LegionellaDossier, we opted from the outset for a subscription that would cover all our draw-off points, even after the expansion. Any time we exceed the limit on the number of draw-off points, we simply upgrade our subscription. Our consultancy firm even entered its control plans, all our draw-off points, and prevention measures directly into the app following the most recent expansion. And everything was instantly archived.’


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