Remote IoT Sensor Integrations

Integrate your own remote water temperature sensors to LegionellaDossier. Get real-time insights in Legionella control tasks, such as flushing and temperature checks. Remote sensors also check off tasks automatically in your digital logbook and spot non-compliances directly.

Legionella remote monitoring sensors data

Why sensor integrations?

Clear overview of all water outlets and tasks

Do you want to optimise the efficiency of your sensors and have a clear overview of data about your water outlets, including tasks and follow-ups that need to be carried out? You can easily integrate your sensors into LegionellaDossier. This means you will have all the benefits of LD while keeping your own sensors. The integration is free of charge for users of LD Control.

What gets integrated?

All data stored in one central environment

All data about temperature changes and water usage are sent directly from your sensors to the LD environment, no handwork is needed anymore, saving you time and reducing the chance of errors occurring.

Because LD notifies you when tasks have not been carried out or follow-up action is required, you never have to worry about missing anything. Most sensors can be integrated with LD, for example Priva and Johnson Control sensors are compatible.

Remote L8 monitoring water temperature sensors
smart dashboard LegionellaDossier

How does the sensor integration work?

Integrate your remote sensors quickly & easily

An integration can be carried out swiftly by your sensor supplier. Once it’s completed, all data from your sensors will be automatically logged onto your LD environment. Tasks are generated automatically and can easily be assigned, completed tasks are removed from the overview as soon as they have been carried out. As soon as any non-compliance is signaled, you will receive a notification, telling you exactly what kind of follow-up is required.

Integrate your IoT sensors easily

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Experience the benefits yourself!

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