Are you tired of manually processing Legionella risk assessments after an on-site inspection?

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legionelladossier app

Duplicate rooms with a tap of your screen, eliminating repetition

legionelladossier app

Append photos to systems or outlets for easier identification

legionelladossier app

Take temperature readings easily and accurately with a Bluetooth thermometer

Assess all your assets quickly and easily

Using our app, you can assess all your assets quickly and easily by answering a series of questions relevant to each item.

You can also take photos and conduct temperature readings from within the app, using your device’s camera and a Bluetooth thermometer. To save more time, you can also duplicate rooms with just a tap, eliminating repetition. Attach photos to systems or outlets for easier identification

Legionella Risk Assessment Report Template

Generate complete risk assessments on-site

Once you’ve completed your risk assessment, simply tap the screen to generate your complete risk assessment report

After assessing, simply tap the screen to generate your L8 and HSG274 part 2 compliant risk assessment report, action plan and logbook – ready to send to your client. You can also customise your risk assessments by using templates that allow you to include your logo, branding or wording without the need to cut and paste from Word and/or Excel files. All this in just a few minutes, so you can put vital information in the hands of the people who need it.

Update and sync – any time, any place, anywhere

Whenever you make a change, our system updates and syncs everything for you in a matter of minutes.

Suppose you remove a water outlet; all your logbooks, asset registers and technical recommendations will reflect this change automatically. This eliminates the need for you to amend everything manually and frees you up to carry out other tasks.

Legionella risk assessment software

Leaflet: The benefits of becoming a partner of LegionellaDossier

The benefits of using LegionellaDossiers' digital solutions as a Legionella prevention consultancy and why digitising Legionella control is a must for every organisation. 

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Discover the benefits of LegionellaDossier


"We used to do everything by hand with a high likelihood of errors. Nowadays, I never flush for longer than necessary, all information is automatically recorded and checklists are automatically generated."


"LegionellaDossier is a powerful tool that helps us achieve full control. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. We now have a central overview of all our control activities."


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Connect Risk Assessments with Legionella Control

A smarter future for Legionella Control

Connected Assessment & Control is a one-source platform that guarantees compliance by connecting all stakeholders in the complete Legionella control industry in 1 integrated and collaborative platform.

Connected Assessment & Control guarantees compliance by automating Legionella control processes and eliminating errors. The flywheel is a visualised model adopted by LegionellaDossier to illustrate the complete Legionella control industry and how organisations can guarantee safety and compliance with a Connected Assessment & Control Platform.