Complete Asset Management Within One App

Use QR code & barcode scanning for better asset management. Bulk import QR codes or append them to assets while on-site with the LD-Control app. Use any QR code or barcode, we don’t discriminate.

Easily add QR Codes and Barcodes to the System

Import QR codes in bulk ensuring efficient implementation and reducing manual data entries, or add QR codes while on-site during a risk assessment using the LD-Inspect app or a periodic servicing job using the LD-Control app.

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QR Code and Barcode Compatibility

Use any, existing or new, QR code or barcode as a label for assets ensuring flexibility in labelling and compatibility with existing labels. You can also make your own branded QR codes or barcodes.


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LegionellaDossier Control

Instant Access to Real-time Asset Data

Engineers can scan the QR code on assets using the LD-Control app, providing instant access to the asset details and control measures. This feature enhances accuracy and efficiency, particularly in environments with a multitude of assets.

Make Scanning Mandatory for Verification and Identification

Ensure consistent and thorough asset tracking by enabling mandatory scanning, reducing the risk of fraud and rest assured that control measures are performed at the correct asset.

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Download the info sheet on digitising Legionella Control

Legionella control doesn't have to be complex, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, such as temperature checks.

Manage buildings, maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining compliant.

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