Central User Management In One Overview

Easily add admins to specific clients, simplifying delegation. Navigate all user tasks seamlessly from one central hub — adding colleagues, replacing users, and assigning tasks will now be a breeze. 

Admin Empowerment

Providing a solution for effective delegation of responsibilities. This empowers admins to oversee and manage multiple sites effortlessly.

User management (3)


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User management (3)

Unified User Overview

The centralised overview for adding and replacing users across multiple sites streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing the time used for user management tasks.


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User Task Management

The ability to assign multiple tasks directly from the user overview adds a layer of project management to user administration. This integration streamlines workflows, enabling partners to coordinate better and enhance productivity.

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Legionella control doesn't have to be complex, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, such as temperature checks.

Manage buildings, maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining compliant.

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