One Legionella Compliance Dashboard to rule them all

Our dashboard provides a centralised hub for users to see the performance of all tasks and sites in real-time, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

New dashboards LD 1.3 release (3)

Identify trends

Analyse data over time. For example, if certain control measures consistently show improvement year over year, it indicates their effectiveness. Conversely, if there's a decline in performance, it might indicate that certain measures need to be revised or replaced.

New dashboards LD 1.3 release


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New dashboards LD 1.3 release (1)

Monitor Performance

Facilitate ongoing monitoring of performance within each control measure over time. By regularly reviewing the performance and results, organisations can track non-compliance, identify improvement opportunities, and ensure that compliance targets are being met.


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Legionella control doesn't have to be complex, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, such as temperature checks.

Manage buildings, maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining compliant.

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